Philippians 4:10-20 Thanks for their gifts.

Thought for the day: “ I have learnt the secret of being content”( Philippians 4:12) There‘s a truth here, that when you trust and declare to God that you will not lack of anything and that God will provide, supernatural provision is launched. I have been in situations where I had to rely and lean on God, but not through tears and cries or complaints, but affirming out loud that God will give this and that because it is part of his plan for me.He gave manna to Moses and his tribe on the way out of Egypt, we are reminded that birds never lack and that God’s only plan for us is prosperity. As in everything, praying with crossed fingers won’t work, and you have to know deep in your heart that because he’s never failed you before, at times of testing, that once again he will show up and deliver, because his love never fails. How abundant are the riches of the glory of God? Limitless. How abundant should be the glory I give God? Let it pour out of you. How abundant should I expect his glory to be in me? Overflowing, so overflowing that people will say: “ I ‘ ll have some of that, thank you very much.” Prayer:”Lord, I rest secure knowing that you never fail, you will not let my foot strike a stone, help me keep an open mind about how you provide so I won’t put limits on your provision through my small imagination. In your name, Holy Three. Amen.”