New chances ,1 Chronicles 15:1-15

Thought of the day:" You are the heads of the levitical families; you and your fellow levites are to consecrate yourselves."( Chronicles 15:12). I have experienced times when things and people had to be ignored to move forward, and times when the only way to move on was to do things by the book, following God's instructions to the letter. Where the psalm says " Your foot will not strike a stone", I understand that by following the steps to the letter, this will protect me from falling flat on my face and having to start over. Though zeal and perfectionism are also places of wounding, God works to protect us from further wounding, and from cutting corners, with his firm hand, he sets us back in place. Prayer:" Lord, help me to follow your directions gladly, give me the eyes and the heart to see the benefits. In Jesus's name. Amen."