Thought of the day:”Listen and understand”(Matthew15:10) I have spoken many times out of turn, or out of a dark place, to spite or in spite. The speech we utter either transforms or destroys, it can redeem or reveal the sinful place it springs from. Jesus, clearly expected the disciples to be spiritually shaped and understanding the parables when he has a go at Peter, who asks him to unpack it. Truly, here, Jesus explains nothing new, the commandments of Exodus 20 make it clear that our words should honour, and not be misused. So if s was set out since the time of Moses, why did Jesus have to bash it out again? Because, as he said, we are ”dull”, and slow to allow both the penny to drop and to allow the word of God to change us and shape us, and this is nothing that can be overcome out of our own strength, but through the cleansing of hearts of the Holy Spirit and meditating on scripture. Prayer:”Lord, where I am complacent in sin, challenge me to receive more of you in my heart so that what I say will be a true reflection of your work in me. In your name, Lord Jesus. Amen.”