Thought of the day:”Keep yourselves in God’s love”(Jude 21) People wanting to sow division among Christians is to be expected, not feared, but confronted. Jude encourages us to pray in the Holy Spirit and to go on, in God’s love, because it knows no depth, no bounds and no fault. As a prayer warrior, I sometimes take my eyes off the fact that God loves me so much, he can do the impossible, and unexpected miracles for me, I just need to let go and let his love sip in. This is as his love sips in that I am transformed, and can go on defeating all the doubters, all those who divide. The Holy Spirit imparts spiritual gifts: visions, prophecies, speaking in tongues, etc...all which help strengthen our confidence that God is truly at work, and shielding us. Prayer:”Lord, let your love fall on me, let me sip it in, Holy Spirit, speak, your servant is listening, Lord Jesus, carry me , that my feet will not stumble. In your name and power, Holy Trinity.Amen.”