John 12:1-11 Generosity

Thought of the day:” You will always have he poor among you, but you will not always have me.”( John 12:8) Generosity is not wildly accepted, pride, greed, mingled, lead to people who neither ask, nor provide blessings. I have not always been ready to accept blessings nor have always been ready to bless. this outpour of perfume is a public affirmation of his worth as a child of God, that he is loved, that we are loved and that surrendering to God s plan for us leads to being publicly affirmed with anointing of oils or of the spirit. Being prepared to bless and being receive blessings, expecting blessings, standing in victory, not standing in defeat, standing firm in the light and stepping on to the darkness is where we ought to be. Jesus states that the poor will always be among us. Povery takes many shapes, but a poor heart in his book is worse than a financially poor person, because his kingdom puts the poor first, and those who cannot share their financial blessings cannot get to the kingdom of God. Prayer:” Lord, prépare my heart to receive blessings, expect blessings and give blessings. in your name, Holy Three. Amen.”