Thought of the day:”only in pretence”(Jeremiah 3:10) Sometimes, we think we can fool God and shortcuts in our worship or stop worshipping at all. Hearts matter more than the amount of praying, intentions and their purity matter most. Honesty and integrity should be our daily engine, what drives our inner core. Yet, how we fall short. Our own strength fails us, and God. Yet, he is willing reach out and lend us some of his strength to meet our needs, with the fruits of the spirit. How likely are we to call out to God for support in our time of need? Being blameless does not come naturally to anyone of us, it comes with surrender, admitting our shortcomings and asking God’s help, his intervention. Can we lay out our weaknesses and meet God half way? Prayer:” Forgive me, Lord, for falling short, Holy Spirit, cleanse my heart and make it new, sustain me with all your fruits today, Holy Spirit. In your name. Amen.”