Thought of the day:" Let us walk in the light of the Lord."( Isaiah 2:5) Unity in Christ is described here, one humanity forsaking all divisions to follow the way of God. Have you had moments in your life when you had to turn away from all detroying things and ways, and even turn tools of destruction into tools of construction? This vision is compelling, showing a unity in the light of God beyond redemption, reconciliation beyond imagination. It takes leadership, clarity, decisiveness to show the path of light, boldness and fearlessness to go against the grain of division, destruction and walking away. Trusting that the Almighty can do the impossible in us, around us, among us, can we move in his light in surrender and obedience, dwelling in his promises? Prayer:" Lord, use me to carry out your will, to carry out your light, to show the way to your mountain. In your power.Amen." Listen to the full devotional