Isaiah 25:1-10 Praise

Thought of the day : “Lord, you are my God.”( Isaiah 25:1) Praise has one main purpose: glorify God. The difficult thing is to praise God when the going gets tough. Yet, praising him when we are sick, hard done by, going through hardships has one purpose: tell the enemy that our focus will not shift, our focus is God because he is the provider of solutions, he is the provide of victories, even and mostly victories over ourselves. Breakthroughs happen when we praise, a word, a picture, a passage are given or the penny drops. It can, also, bring internal change as the Holy Spirit falls on you during worship( at home or church). Praise in hard times challenges us, but it is what gives us breakthroughs, because that is affirming to God that you’ve got his back, just like he’s got yours. There is unity and harmony between Heaven where God is, and earth where you are, unity and harmony of intent, unity and harmony of focus. The vision I get is of a wall of sound against the enemy, a sound wave which works as a weapon against the enemy. This is affirmed when the apostles were imprisoned, kept singing and the prison doors broke down. Prayer:” Lord, my God, fill me with integrity and focus, so my focus will not shift, fill me with intent that all glory and praise is yours, no matter the size of the provision, no matter the things that I am going through. In your name, Holy Trinity. Amen.”