Exodus 16:1-17 Eyes for God's provision

Thought of the day:" I will test them and see whether they will follow my instructions."( Exodus 16:4) Praise in provision, always being contented with what you are given. It is not always easy to be fully positive and contented. Yet, God gives whenwe ask, he delivers. Are we to always ask for more, though, and expect God to deliver on cue and on spec? Many Bible stories tell of God's provision in the desert, food, water, clothes. Maybe, our hearts are like deserts in which our failure to be contented is the dryness, and God's grace is our water. Prayer:" Lord, I feel I am in a desert, without perspective, with a parched heart wihtout contentment. Holy Spirit, lead me to your springs where I will have my fill of provision and contentment, in your name. Amen."