Thought of the day:" If you remain silent...perish."( Esther4:14) The consequences of not speaking out, the consequences of not standing up to carry a message can be greater than those of carrying the message. At what times in our lives have we had to think through the advantages and disdvantages of making such a move? Putting the community's needs before your own, though the risks are great, the consequences of inaction are greater. How has guilt affected you in the prospect of not helping? How has it weighed in to propel you to act? Christ shows the way in selfless giving for humanity, here, Esther is selfless, yet prayerful in fasting to prepare the way before going to see the king, she is being careful. how much prayer time do we put in before taking action? How much discernment do we put in? Prayer:" Lord, not my will, but yours, not my words, but yours, gird me up for the journey. In Jesus's name.Amen."