Ecclesiastes 4:1-12

Thought of the day:" This too is meaningless."( Ecclesiastes 4:8) The absurdity of a world which rejects God is obvious here. Teamwork, team praying, being hand in hand in working for God is meaningful, wholesome. Fruitfulness escapes those whose work is not dedicated to God, and whose values are not of God. Seperation from God because of sin offers no rest. Until our work is reconciled with God, and until our hearts are also reconciled with God, both peace and fruitfulness escape us. This is a dark picture here of what we can go through when divided, when putting sin before God's ways, I have known desert times when business was fruitless because not dedicated to God." A cord of three is not quickly broken", we are told, the cord of the Trinity binding our work is an unparrallelled power to sustain. Prayer:" Come, Lord my God, come, come , come Lord Jesus, come, come, come Holy Spirit, come, I dedicate my work to you, lead the way in all I think and all I do. In the name of The Holy Trinity. Amen."