Abiding by God's prompt

I wanted to pause and reflect on what it means to set up a poetry blog and marketing it if you are following God's prompt. Journalling happens daily, that gives me the signposts for the day, week, month ahead, and also what God would not have me waste my time on , but what he would have me concentrate on. And that's where things are turning completely off the road, off the charts. I haven't got a business plan, I am not looking to get one done, I trust God fully, He will tell me which things to set up. A business plan feels like long hours of relying on your own strength, a desert, a waste land , a waste of time and focus. To all business folks out there, where's your focus? Is it God? So journalling it is, and dwelling in God's presence during the day, music would be a deterrent , for me, from hearing God's voice, therefore silence( I know , Christmas holidays, bouncy child around...), well it happens anyway, silence happens. Two weeks to publishing my ebook , and we are two weeks away from having produced it and sent it for people to write a foreword, the speed at which the whole thing has launched, unfolded and come to production has astounded me and many others. God's hand is in this. So as in the choices I had to make regarding a self publishing platform, I took the simple and straight forward one of one platform with global reach, because I will not translate the French or Spanish ebooks to English: different audiences, different messages, different purposes. God's hand too was involved in this choice as in " I can't download KDP software, thanks for taking the guess work out of this." Therefore Lulu.com is the platform I have been directed to and affirmed to use.