1Samuel 3:4-16

Facing up. Thought of the day:" He was afraid to tell Eli the vision".( 1 Samuel 15) Persistence and resilience through obedience strike me here, Samuel's call in persistence, he is not afraid of God, but of Eli. God is giving a warning to Eli because he did not keep his house in order, he did not keep his children obedient to God. Nowadays, parenting can be a minefield, whether letting children grow in church or not, sometimes just brings more confusion to parents. Here, God encourages a firm hand and authority in telling your children to stay obedient to God and to live according to his values, an iron fist in a velvet glove, strong in God, but not abusive, because God does not tolerate abuse. Samuel, as a child and a prophet is encouraged to speak the truth, as it was given, fearlessly. How often have I cowered from speaking out? Prayer:" Lord, give me your strength and discernment to speak out and keep my house in order, where I fail, please, be my guide, in yourname, Lord Jesus.Amen."