Walking in God s plan, Luke 16:1-12

Thought of the day:” So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches? ( Luke 16: 11)

We are accountable in all we do, we can block the door to God’s goodness for us by forgetting our accountability, that God has a plan for everything in our lives, for all the tools he gives us. Taking things in our own hands and hoping for the best, yet again, leads to more trouble, but asking God his plan, his management plan keep us well and is fruitful.

We live a time when money is used carelessly, where the levels of poverty( of any shape) are deep and getting deeper daily. The best thing we can do for children is to teach them good stewardship of resources, wisdom in asking God his plan for their pocket money, teaching them gardening for climate change times, and praying for contentment.

Prayer:” Lord my God, give me your plan for all that you give me, wisdom and discernment in using it and contentment in knowing I have enough and that I am obeying your will. In your name. Amen.”

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