The Vine and the Branches(John15:1-17)

Thought of the day:” This is to my father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.”(John15:8)

Being in close relationship with God requires obedience to his commandments, obedience to his plan, in closeness to God through prayer and honest confession, we get to know his plans to bring us prosperity and to cover our needs. So, we are not to hide that we walk our talk, that we are intentional about embodying Christ like behaviour, and being disciples of God in our daily lives, seen and unseen. We are to be bold, confident that God will bear us, bear in this, we are to lean on him because as the vine, he has got the bigger picture, but us, as the branches, in order not to get cut off, we have to with our daily duty of obedience and remaining in the spirit. Paul, on one of his trips, ended up shipwrecked because the sailors did not follow the route he knew God wanted them to follow to stay safe, however, because of this, the sailor cams to faith.

God sits outside of time, sees all of our lives, whereas we are steeped in the here and now, dependent on our prayer lives and our relationship with him to guide us, and keep us fruitful, to lead us in the spirit in order to shine brightly.

Prayer:”Lord, help me see obedience to you not as a burden, but as a necessity to grow in faith, to grow closer to your heart, in the spirit, to be part of your bigger plan, to bear fruits which will outlast this life, in Jesus’s name.Amen”

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