Thought of the day:”You must prophesy again about many people, nations, languages and things.”( Revelation 10:11)

Obedience to God, despite being told and expecting bitterness, does not come easily, it can take many trials and maturity. Knowing when we are entrusted by God to deliver a message and how and when to deliver it comes from a regular time of prayer, humility, knowing when to put ambitions to one side to serve.

Dwelling in God’s presence takes dedication to prayer, silence, meditation. In our modern world, are we ready to make time for those things in order to see our lives changed? We most often send arrow prayers and shopping list prayers, but are we ready to listen to God and obey his plans, no matter how far fetched they seem?

Prayer:” Lord, not my will, but yours, help me dwell in your presence and know your will. In Jesus’s name. Amen.”

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