Revelation 8:1-13,9-6 There was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

Thought for the day:” There was silence in heaven for about half an hour.”( Revelation 8:1)

I will not make this passage say anything I am not equipped to say. Half an hour of silence in heaven, that can only mean that heaven is not usually a silent place, there must have been a mixture of awe, wonder, and reverence to put noise on hold. Our prayers do go up, are considered, and heard, answered if part of God’s plan.

Death, here is a good thing, something to want, to desire, Jesus overcame death in the sense that it is not something to fear, but something to look forward to. We are citizens of heaven, our souls are put in bodies which last a number of years, to then be discarded so our souls go back to our Father.

The promise, here, is unless you have lived according to God’s commandments, you are in for not just a thought ride, worse than that. To me, that is enough not to want to chance it, not to take a gamble and live out my faith, be intentional in confession, and in living a life of integrity, raising my daughter accordingly.

Let’s be honest, scriptures do not promise a stroll in the park, they promise us we’ll get what it says on the tin unless we comply, and unless there’s even an inch of unbelief in our hearts, there’s no reason why pursuing a way of life according to Jesus’s teachings is not achievable.

Prayer:” Lord, make me one of those who have your mark on their foreheads, set apart for salvation and heaven. In your name and power, Holy Three.Amen.”

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