One mighty click

I was given a vision for a  publishing platform which is not equalled yet, a one click upload which creates a hardback, an ebook and an audiobook and then publishing it worldwide to all books retailers . An aggregator , but so far aggregators and self publishing platforms only provide some of those possibilities. Now this would only be for Christian authors, because it's time, Christian authors have suffered enough from having doors shut on their work when God has put a vision and a call to have his word out far and wide in all countries. Being a Christian author is not a choice, it is something God puts in us and it has to come out, in spite of us, we're his hands, and voices.

To add to this vision, it would come with all round marketing, because having the book sitting on a shelf gathering dust will not cut it, it has to reach the people who are meant to read it and be stirred.

It is more than a Goliath , but an army of Davids can take this task on, with the right team members , tools and funding to propel it into existence. Our God is almighty, and in his strength, in his spirit, we can achieve this. So , now I ask you, where do you position yourself in this situation? Are you feeling a tug to help support this vision financially? If so, you will receive updates of the progress made, as the aim will be transparency, accountability and integrity.   

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