Numbers 22:4-35 Doing as God says.

Thought of the day: " Then the angel of the Lord stood in a narrow path through the vineyards, with walls on both sides." ( Numbers 22:24)

Deadlock situations, whichever way you turn, you see blockage, is it a reason to let out road rage, like Balaam? or, like him, do we need to come to a place of humility and ask ourselves how we have deserved God's unhappiness?

Sin, undealt with sin, or holding on to grudges and past hurts can lead to more blockages, more frustration, acknowledging our share of sin, acknowledging our choice to ignore the way, blows those obstacles. I have been in situations, even recently, where the only way to receive healing was to acknowledging holding on to past hurts. God wants to see fulness of life , he wants to see a flow of his spirit in us, and for that whatever is stopping the spirit to do its work needs addressing.

Prayer:" Lord, I am sorry for my sin, forgive your servant, as you remove my inner stumbling blocks, free up the way ahead. In Jesus's name. Amen."

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