Mark 10:1-12 Testing

Thought of the day:” It was because your hearts were hard that Moses wrote the law”(Mark 10:15)

This is challenging for. Lot of us. For sure, God loves his children so much, he will allow them to escape domestic abuse and affirm that he keeps his children safe under his wings. He did that for me. So how can we avoid making bad choices for as spouse, so as not to eject them like a used kleenex?

One thing I lacked many years ago, was a relationship with the Trinity, because I was un churched. That has to come first, our relationship with God, because if He has someone ready for us, he will make sure this part of his plan is fulfilled, otherwise, some of us are set aside for full time service of God, delivered from family responsibilities, because God takes up all of their time.

In this journey of socialising and choosing a life partner, Jesus guides us, he knows who is best for us, and as we wait on his prompting, we need all of the fruits of the spirit to sustain us. Hopefully, there are mariage courses( which I found out once divorced) to order our steps and avoid the pitfalls. When others give up on us, or when we give up on others, Jesus never gives up. Similarly, how often do you hear at church about being unevenly yoked? Things like that need unpacking and fast at a time where more and more people co-habit, as if children of God were objects, trying before buying.

Prayer:” Lord, when we know our value in the Kingdom of God and your teachings, we too are clear about relationships and mariage. Help us know the fullness of your love and our value, in your eyes. In your name. Amen.”

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