Luke 13:31-35

Thought of the day:” I must press on today, and tomorrow, and the next day.”(Luke13:33)

How many times have I lost sight of my goals? How many times have I been wanting to give up for tiredness and laziness?

Jesus models clarity of purpose and a spirit filled life, relentless, defiant of the local laws, putting the Kingdom of God first, despite threats to his life.

Am I willing to be modelled by the spirit? Are we willing to let the Holy Spirit model us? Being spirit filled means being filled of a cleansing force which holds no bars, which is not defined by a calendar of when it can and cannot be put to use, it is burning regardless of the time of the year, it is purposeful regardless of the time of the year.

This defiant fire, out to redeem and renew is reaching out to us to transform us into beacons, trailblazers, but will we let it?

Prayer:” Holy Spirit, fill me afresh today, let my cup overflow, that you will spill out in all I do, say or think, driving all I do, say or think, bringing new life to all. In your power. Amen.”

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