John 4: 43-54 Yesterday at one

Thought of the day:“ So he and his whole household believed.”( John 4:53)

You can almost hear and feel the weariness in Jesus’s voice:” unless you people see signs and wonders, you will never believe.” ( verse 48). And so, the faith of this royal man is only ignited through cross referencing and getting a testimony of synchronicity. The power of Jesus is exhausted here: he doesn’t need to be near someone to heal them, even Peter’s shadow healed. I believe that the impossible is possible in and through Jesus Christ. Jesus asks for trust, and I think that a lot of people can put themselves in his shoes here. Don’t we value trust above anything else? Haven’t some of us valued trust so much that we asked it from our families and friends? Doesn’t it just hurt so deeply not to be trusted? It s a sly but really deep wound not to feel trust from others, it can break someone, if it occurs repeatedly. Jesus is willing to bear the brunt of the lack of trust, of having to play miracles on demand, push the Jesus button and receive healing, and make it public with that, cameras , light, action, no didn’t quite see the second the healing happened here, can we start again, please?

Joking aside, Jesus did what was asked of him by people and by the Father, he did what it took to open people’s eyes to God’s mercy and compassion.

Prayer:” Lord Jesus, help me be more like you, willing to give, willing to obey, willing to believe without seeing, let faith be my sight. In your name.Amen.”

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