John 4:1-38 A well and more

Thought for the day:”The water I give them will become in them a spring of living water welling up to eternal life.”( John4:14)

What a passage! So well known, yet, yielding to so much learning, some of which not yet unpacked.

There’s no hiding from Jesus, he knows each and everyone of us, meets us where we are, as we are, and putts a mirror in front of us about our lives.

Worshipping in the spirit and in truth, here, does not involve liturgy. For us to be wells of eternal water, we only need two things: the spirit and scriptures.

Where does this leave us if we’re in a liturgical tradition or community? God s timing is always perfect if we ask him what prayers to say, he will lead us to the liturgy we need to help us get shaped and to the scriptures we will need to hear.

We have a creative God who uses all of his church and all its expressions to mould us into Wells of living water, how, how long it takes is not for us to understand or judge, but to experience, and if we need to be in a church where there’s more spirit and less liturgy, he will lead, and the reverse is also true. Am I advocating pew jumping? If your church worship leaves you dried up, then you do need to ask God what is going on and your next step, but several other things could be happening in the spirit real, that only God can tell you.

Prayer:”Lord Jesus, shape me into the living well of eternal water you want me to be, whatever amount of Bible study, worship and prayer it takes. In your name and power.Amen.”

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