How I self published

It took me some time to research self publishing platforms, and being French, I also looked into the French ones, so a lot of researching and comparing happened, to end up using neither KDP or Lulu, but Draft2Digital, because it hit the ground running. It does what it says on the tin, no catch, and unlike what some French reviewers says, you can publish in French or any language on this platform as long as your content and the language stated in the description are the same. In terms of manuscript , as long as you have a title page, your chapters with content ready, you do not need anything else, you can opt in for their software to add the other elements ( biography, contributors, acknowledgment, also from the same author, etc...), there are various finishes on offer. Whatsmore, you need to upload a cover, it will not be provided, but then, as long as you upload the Picsart app from the Windows store and find a royalty free photo, you're water tight in terms of copyright. So with all of this in mind, how fast were my ebooks published ( knowing the aggregator is in the USA), six hours , and on about six book distribution channels. Here 's a video explaining how to upload your manuscript.

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