Hebrews 4:10-16 alive and active

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Thought of the day:” Fornthe word of God is alive and active.Sharper than any double-edged sword( Hebrews 4:12-13)

Rest as a sign of obedience, as an act of obedience. The intentional rest, but also resting in Jesus and in our relationship with him. It can be tempting to rely on our strength in difficult times. But difficult times are difficult for several reasons: we are going against God’s plans for us, are the door which blocks the good things God wants for us, or we are standing in the way of God s battle for us, not waging spiritual war.

Rest, intentional physical rest is needed to hear Jesus and rest in him, because, only him can tell us what is going on in the spiritual realm, what needs to happen. Rest is part of discernment and of having a close relationship with Jesus, it also enables the Holy Spirit to cleanse us and prepare us for the encounters God has lined up for us.

It also enables us to take in all that’s been going on and confess our sins because a clean heart, a pure heart draws us closer to the Trinity, enabling it to have its way, with our souls, bodies and minds, bringing us renewal and transformation.

Prayer:” Lord, you have the power to make me put down that electronic device, you have the power to make me stop creating to do lists. I don’t need to be everything to everyone, and I don’t need to be everywhere, I only need to be in you, to dwell in you, to rest in you. So, make me. In your name and power. Amen.”

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