Going ahead

Mark 15:42-16:7

Thought of the day:” He is going ahead of you.”( Mark 16:7)

Jesus had gone ahead in everything: preparing Joseph of Arimathea s heart to get the cloth, preparing the women who knew where the tomb was, and having told his disciples what he would do once resurrected, as well as sending an angel to remind the women that Jesus was out and about, focused on his work. The Easter story is about the overcoming of death. What about if it was about an unstoppable Jesus the way maker who makes a way out of no way, who prepared the way by going ahead.

In him is the power to overcoming anything, to destroy any obstacle that stands between him and God s plan. We would do well to remember that God s plans are firm, his promises are firm and that nothing and no one can stand in his path because he knew about those obstacles before they appeared and had already put things and people in place to overcome them. Can we be more like Jesus in being sure that God s plans will stand firm, and a bit less like the disciples who had forgotten his promises or not taken his prophecies as promises.

Prayer:” Lord Jesus in my seeing, Lord Jesus in my hearing, Lord Jesus in my talking, Lord Jesus in my heart, Lord Jesus in my being, Lord Jesus in my touching, Lord Jesus in my walking. Amen.”

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