Exodus 15: 1-20 Singing in the face of challenges.

Thought of the day: The Lord is my strength and my defence ( Exodus 15:2)

Fearlessly made, know your worth. As a child of God, he will protect you and fight your battles against oppression, beyond expectations.

Just as I was released from dometic abuse, he provided beyond my expectations. God has plans to support you, cry out with your heart, praise him from the depth of your pain, not only will he meet you there, he will move everything for you.

As Mariam led worship, be confident that God is for you, with you, always, everywhere. Fear has no room in you or your life because you are to have life to the fullest.

Prayer:" Lord, out of my pain, set me free, see what is done to me, see my heart crying out to you. You are the God who moves mountains, whose promises never fail, show up, let your powerful hand be at work in my life and give me eyes to see it. In your power, Father. Amen."

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