Charging interests

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Nehemiah 5:2-13

Thought of the day: " When I heard their army and these charges, I was very angry."

( Nehemiah 5:6)

Righteous anger can lead the way to deep changes in society. God exposes the truth of sin against the vulnerable and the poorest. Nowadays, sin can blurr with righteousness, blinding us. However, the bubbling up of righteous anger and the need for justice can lead to an overflow of emotions, as well as an overflow of action.

Equally, where insight is needed, and clear thinking, hindsight is a crucial tool in establishing justice when we feel unfairly dealt with.

Prayer: "Lord, lead me in your righteousness, raise my helpers who will speak out and establish justice in fairness. In your mercy. Amen."

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