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Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Welcome to my new blog. New blog for some, but not new blogger, as some of you already know. This is purely to post my poetry, unfiltered, unedited, un-proofread, for everyone to suggest edits, proofs and comment. So raw Christian poetry, but then who would have it any other way? Some of you might say, yep raw prose fits the character of this blogger. I never pretended to speak anything but unfiltered... So as one friend once said" With you, you get it( truth) cash", so it will be, that is one thing I can't stray from.

There will be regular content, but not all content at once, as only members can access the archives, and I do aim to keep this blog tidy. What other things will members get? E-zines, and book preview or free book, which, I am yet to decide.

Do check the terms and conditions if your're thinking of borrowing some of my posts.

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