Being drenched in living water.

2018 marked a turning point for me, after going full circle in my career in education, burn out struck for six months, work dried up, and I was asking God what next? In waiting for the best of four months. 

Surprisingly enough, God had sowed an answer to be released at the right time through a prophetic dream, which at first, I thought was not for me, but for some members of my community, so I relayed it to them. Months went on, waiting, and a burst of creativity took over, I was creating products, writing books at the speed of light in the spirit, yet financial fruition did not pan out, in spite of this, I kept going, confident that it was of the spirit, and just a matter of when, not a matter of how or if.

God took me on a journey of praying afresh, in new ways, rediscovering the power of the psalms, answering prayers for deliverance by directing me to powerful ministers to help release what I felt was a lid, a restriction, for a set of ministries meant to reach nations through my gifts of healing, seeing and writing. 

Until last weekend, and a retreat with our church, meditating on the Woman at the Well, being taken on a deep journey, the lid was not fully lifted powerful healing had happened, still. Our communal prayers lifted this lid, and I saw others being released too, as the gift of praying in tongues was set free among many. I have been blessed with an ongoing presence of the spirit all day every day, delivering hope in my life and using my ministries to deliver hope to others, and even binding all those ministries together, producing visions of healing for our area, leading me to have visions while laying hands on people for healing ministry. 

As all this unfolded in the last few days, I reflected on that prophetic dream of August 2018, and understood why it was not for me to unpack, but it had to unpack itself and I had to keep trusting and let the spirit lead me to the places where it would get unpacked. I also understood that it had to be unpacked as a community, and that it would be in the unpacking of it that it would come to pass, come to fruition. God works in mysterious ways, he calls us to surrender and let him work powerfully because we trust him, and not our own strengths. He has taken me deeper in prayer, setting a lifestyle of prayer rhythm, of righteousness, of fasting for breakthroughs, of a cleaner way of living, cleaning up the well in order to receive the water of everlasting life, welcome it, allow it to flow, overflow in all I do to bless others. As my focus shifted from dismay at not seeing things materialize, to keeping up a place of trust, being affirmed in that place of trust, the anointing of the holy spirit came.

My spiritual journey has taken me to many dry places, and having to deal with spiritual warfare often, yet, these dry places are places of being purified in the fire of trial, in my experience, in order to be a good enough receptacle for the things that God has planned for us, which blow our minds because of the power in them. I am in awe of what God has done, and fearful that if I shift my focus to something more selfish, it will be either taken away or hurt, meaning that it will not be beneficial to others or me anymore. So, I want to remain humble, obedient, trusting, because God has plans to prosper all of us, and his plans are always timely, whereas we sometimes are impatient, frustrated, and need more of his grace to carry us through those situations and open our eyes to his reality.

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